Spirit of Excellence in Agriculture Awards

The 2022 Spirit of Excellence in Agriculture Awards dinner will be held on Friday 2nd September at The Terrace Function Centre, Evanston. 
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The Agricultural Bureau is pleased to present the following awards and scholarships for 2022:

The Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship for Farmers sponsored by the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is an $10,000 grant for a farmer (aged 18-40) to pursue further study, take a study tour or run a special project. DEW is committed to supporting communities and industry to make decisions and take action to ensure the sustainable use of our natural resources.

The Rural Youth Bursary sponsored by PIRSA is a $5000 grant for rural young people (aged 18-30) working in a rural community, not necessarily in agriculture, to undertake further study in their chosen career with an ultimate benefit to their community. 

The Lois Harris Scholarship sponsored by The Agricultural Bureau of SA is a $2000 scholarship for a first year student studying the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Adelaide. One scholarship is awarded each year, usually to a student entering the course with an excellent Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER).

2021 Spirit of Excellence in Agriculture Awards

2021 Spirit of Excellence In Agriculture Awards

2021 Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship: Janette Ridgway, Matt Ward, Jasmin Piggott, Michael Shanahan, Jessica Hardy, Darren Kennedy

2021 Spirit of Excellence In Agriculture Awards

2021 Rural Youth Bursary: the Hon. David Basham, Hamish Verco, Emily Buddle and Janette Ridgway


The 2021 Awards Presentation Dinner was held on Friday 29 October 2021 at The Terrace Function Centre

Sustainable Agricultural Scholarship sponsored by DEW
Winner: Jasmin Piggott

Rural Youth Bursary sponsored by PIRSA
Winner: Emily Buddle

Lois Harris Scholarship
Recipient: Emma Knowles