Trialling Claying

Trialing Claying in the Stockport District

State NRM Community Project 2012-13
Stockport Agricultural Bureau

A successful project which exceeded expectations. The core of the project was to encourage landholders to trial claying on their properties to gain experience with the technique. A target of 8 sites, 8 landholders trialing claying across 20 hectares was set.  A total of 14 clayed sites involving 12 landholders across approximately 162 hectares were achieved. Crop growth and recent harvest reports have indicated improved yields as a result of the treatments. A demonstration area of clay spreading was planned for the project but was unable to be established due to delay in the availability of spreading contractor and the onset of seeding operations. The lateness would have prevented adequate incorporation of the clay. Two field walks were conducted as planned. A Stock Journal press release was developed jointly with the Halbury-Whitwarta Agricultural Bureau. The Australian Governments Advocate for Soil Health, Major General Michael Jeffery visited the Fords site and met with local landholders in May.