Membership Information and Forms

Please contact your local branch for your local membership information.

Bureau membership fees for 2021 / 2022 are due and payable by Thursday 30th September 2021.

Membership Type Fee Description
Full Member $60.00 inc GST Available to an individual who is interested in sustainable food and fibre production, agricultural business and/or sustainable natural resource management
Associate Member $38.00 inc GST The spouse or immediate family member of a full paying member OR a member who is not currently involved in a farm business
Introductory Member $32.50 inc GST A member who has joined a branch for the first time and is valid for one occasion only. Introductory membership is not valid for a further time for example:
  • If a member moves to a new/different branch located elsewhere within the state
  • If a member has a period where he/she ceases to be a member of a branch
Student Member $32.50 inc GST A member of a branch of the Agricultural Bureau of SA who is able to produce a student identification card. A student membership can relate to person who is currently studying:
  • At a university or high school - Part-time or full-time - By attendance or by distance education


*  Anyone attending an Ag Bureau branch meeting, who is not a special guest, must be registered as a member in one of the applicable membership classes, and have paid an annual membership subscription fee.

**  Individual branches may have different fee charges - either higher rates to fund branch activities or lower rates if subsidised by other sources. Please check with your local branch to find out how much you will need to pay.

Financial hardship – application for waiver of fees

Membership fees for 2021/2022 remain unchanged again this year and it is expected that they be paid by 30th September 2021. However, if a member or branch is experiencing financial hardship due to the impacts of fire, drought or COVID-19, an application for a waiver of 21/22 fees can be made to the ABSA Board. Each application will be assessed and considered on an individual / branch circumstances. Applications for a waiver of fees need to be lodged before 30th September and can be emailed to:

Benefits of membership

Membership fees are integral to achieving the aims of the Bureau movement. Membership fees provide the following benefits which are not available to non-financial branches and members:

  • Eligible to nominate and vote for regional board member representation
  • Subscription to the Agricultural Bureau’s quarterly e-newsletter Ag Chat
  • Promotional opportunities / advertising of branch events and gatherings
  • Assistance to prepare and administer project funding from external sources such as NRM Community Grants and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program
  • Access to member service awards and Educational Regional Tour funds (bus trips)
  • Public liability and personal accident insurance cover for branch meetings, events and crop walks

In addition, membership fees provide for the Ag Bureau to represent the interests of members and agricultural producers to Government and in the media.

Download 2021/22 new membership application form


The Ag Bureau would like to recognise and thank its long serving members and acknowlege their achievements and contributions. Long serving members are recognised with our long serving member awards and each year up to two people may be chosen to receive a life membership award.