Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship for Farmers

In memory of Peter and Wendy Olsen

Sponsored by the Department for Environment and Water



To provide farmers (aged 18-40) in South Australia with the opportunity to improve personal and professional skills that will benefit the industry, the individual in their own business or employment and the sustainability of natural resources that underpin primary production.


The Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship for Farmers (The Scholarship) may be used for study tours, courses or further study or assist to directly fund their commencement of a specific project.


The Scholarship is made possible from funding from the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) and offers an $8000 grant to the successful recipient.  DEW is committed to supporting communities and industry to make decisions and take action to ensure the sustainable use of our natural resources.


The Scholarship is open to all young South Australian farmers between the ages of 18-40 who have been involved in farming, as their principal activity for the past 12 months.


Selection of the recipient will be based upon the applicant’s abilities, achievements and motivation to succeed in a primary production career (agriculture, horticulture, viticulture or aquaculture).

The recipient will need to demonstrate competency in a range of farming and interpersonal skills and will be expected to work within his/her chosen industry while holding The Scholarship.

Finalists will then be selected and interviewed by the selection panel.


Download a copy of the 2021 Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship application form.

Download the application form in Word format.

Applications now closing 9am Monday, September 27th. 

To submit written applications or for more information please contact:

Ag Bureau Administrator
555 The Parade, Magill SA 5072
(08) 8249 7581

We thank the Department for Environment and Water for their ongoing support of the Agricultural Bureau of SA's Spirit of Excellence in Agriculture Awards night and the Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship.

2021 winner: Congratulations Jasmin Piggott

2021 Spirit of Excellence In Agriculture Awards

2021 Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship Recipient, Jasmin Piggott with DEW representative Matt Ward

Past winners

2020 Ellen Zibell

2019 Paul McGorman

2018  Ruth Sommerville

2017  Tracy Bonython

2016  Christopher Hallion

2015  James Smith

2014  Tara Hindson

2013  Celia Scott

2012  Damian McArdle

2011  Russell Zwar

2010  Rachel Chrigwin

2009  Jason Schulz

2008  Brook Seal

2007  Steven Newman

2006  Brendon Johns

2005  Lachlan Bell

2004  Damien Tscharke

2003  Clinton Tiller

2002  Amy Williams

2001  Kristin Pearce

2000  Kimberley Zohs