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The Agricultural Bureau of South Australia provides a scholarship to encourage senior high school students to consider undertaking agricultural studies at tertiary level in South Australia.

The $2000 Lois Harris Scholarship is awarded to a first year student studying the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Adelaide. The scholarship is named in memory of Lois Harris, a member of the Advisory Board of Agriculture from 1995 to 1998, who died in 1998.


There shall be one scholarship, to be known as "The Lois Harris Agricultural Bureau Scholarship". The purpose of the scholarship is to provide $2000 to a first-year student studying in the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences Course at the University of Adelaide.

One scholarship will be available each year, subject both to the availability of funds and students of sufficient merit.

Eligible students must have undertaken Year 12 studies in South Australia and be enrolled full-time in the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences Course at the University of Adelaide. To be eligible, students must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Holders of other major scholarships for commencing students are ineligible for the scholarship. Selection will be based on the TER (Tertiary Entrance Rank) or equivalent, on the recommendation of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies after consultation with the Board of the Agricultural Bureau of SA. 

Subject to the other provisions, the scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis. It will be paid in two equal installments after the HECS Census date. The second installment will be subject to continued enrolment in that year and satisfactory performance in first semester.

A scholarship may be suspended at any time if the Faculty of Sciences is not satisfied with the scholar's progress and it may be terminated at any time if, in the opinion of the University, the scholar is guilty of misconduct.

These rules may be changed by the Agricultural Bureau of SA Board from time to time.

Students cannot apply themselves.

2021 winner: Congratulations Emma Knowles

2021 Spirit of Excellence In Agriculture Awards

Lois Harris Scholarship: Emma Knowles & Janette Ridgway


Past winners

2020 Edward Downing

2019 Nicholas Riddell

2018 Alec McCallum

2017 Bradley John Katemis

2016 Jana Dixon

2015 Molly O'Dea

2014 William Fairlie

2013 Andrew Catford

2012 Sam Arnfield

2011 Renee Farrow

2010 John Swincer

2009 Jared Schmaal

2008 Jessica Crettenden

2007 Michael Noble

2006 Frances Bowley

2005 Matthew Phillips

2004 Dominic Meaney

2003 Timothy Arnold

2002 Kerry Bormann

2001 Jarred Tilley

2000 Jane Schulz