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Long Serving Member Awards

The Ag Bureau has a history of long serving members and is proud to acknowledge their achievements.

Awards are given to members at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years, with a certificate and badge which is presented at individual bureau branch meetings.

Download Long Serving Member Award form here.

2019/20 recipients

The Board recognises and congratulates the following long-standing members on reaching their milestones for 2019. Thank you for your continuing contributions to our work.

~ 70 years ~

Rowland Flat
Ronald Fromm

Esmond Hoepner

Ross Roberts

Point Pass
Gordon Schutz
Ross Schutz

~ 60 years ~

Donald Bagshaw

Boors Plains
Graham Cross

Lowbank and Districts
Denis Paschke

Point Pass
Geoff Schutz

~ 50 years ~

Glen Becker

Rowland Flat
Trevor Braunack
Glen Hoffman
Dean Lindner
Rodney Zerk

Roger Day

Lowbank and Districts
Wesley Kalisch

~ 40 years ~

Boors Plains
Bronte Baker

Andrew Mill
Scott Ferguson

Point Pass
Ronald Milde

~ 30 years ~

Ray Cook
Murray Kirkland
Victor Marriott

Dudley Dittrich
Stephen Riebke
Kevin Rohrlach

Rowland Flat
Michael Heinrich
Dave Materne

Point Pass
Malcolm Schutz
Mount Barker
Phillip Steer

~ 20 years ~

Michael Barker

Wilf Gregor

Adrian Hoffman

Lowbank and Districts
Chris Kuchel
Anthony Schmidt

Point Pass
Tim Grosser
Sheldon Keller
Anthony Pfitzner

Mount Barker
Alan Vickers

Rowland Flat
John Adams
Trevor Wilksch

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